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Life Insurance Can Be The Foundation For Your Financial Future

September 30, 2021

Life insurance is a topic most people would rather not think about. But planning for the future is important. If something were to happen to you, you would want the assurance that your loved ones are protected and you have a life insurance policy to shield them from financial burdens.

There are other, more immediate things that are more appealing to buy than life insurance. But having a life insurance policy may be the best investment you can provide your family. It also may be the best way to give yourself peace of mind.

Plan for the Unexpected

Your good health is your greatest asset, but unfortunately, it’s all too fungible. An unexpected diagnosis, an accident, or a traumatic event are all too common. All too often, people realize once it’s too late that they should have planned for their financial future.

Many people have been turned down from getting life insurance because of health or lifestyle issues. Others have heard stories from friends that their policy has been canceled. It’s reasonable when you have or hear experiences like these to be reluctant to seek out a policy.

But your association and AMBA have a Whole Life policy that guarantees acceptance. No exams, no questions, no denials. As long as you’re between 45-85, you will be covered.

Plus, you will never be canceled as long as premiums are paid. Even if you’re an accident, have a medical event, or any other reason, your policy will remain active as long as payments are up to date.

Also, this Whole Life policy has a cash value that grows over time. For example, you could access the cash value through loans and withdrawals to supplement your income. Or, you might access it earlier as an emergency fund, pay off a debt, or in case you get sick.

Life Insurance is the Safest Bet You Can Make

Life insurance is not a gamble. This is something you should have for the rest of your life to protect the ones you love. In fact, if you consider the financial burden that your final expenses can be on your loved one, not having life insurance is the gamble.

Plan For Your Financial Future With A Whole Life Policy

Plans are available from your very own association and its trusted partner AMBA. Joining is easy: you can purchase your policy online right now. It even includes a no-obligation 60-day return policy.

Learn more about a Whole Life Policy through MRTA and AMBA at or call 877-290-3173.

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