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Make Every Adventure Affordable With Discounts From AMBA Passport

August 27, 2021

AMBA Passport has been reimagined to include new and enhanced benefits. It has exclusive savings at over 2,500 merchants, including premium travel discounts and a wide variety of local and national merchant discounts. There are so many ways AMBA Passport can help you elevate every step, every stop, every stay.

Want to upgrade your home? AMBA Passport has great discounts for you. For instance, take advantage of name brands that specialize in fixtures, faucets, mattresses, and more. Want to upgrade your travels? Our big savings on hotels, car rentals, and even cruise lines will have you in the lap of luxury. No matter what, you will enjoy lots of fun and celebrate the good times.

Plus, AMBA Passport is offering a fantastic bonus when you sign up. For a 30-day trial period, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of Passport’s Dining Upgrade on top of your complimentary membership. This includes exclusive savings at over 850 Passport Dining restaurants! After that, if you’re enjoying the additional Passport Dining Upgrade benefits, you can keep your upgraded access after the trial period for only $7 per month! You can cancel at any time.

You’ve earned these perks, so why not use them? If you’re ready to get the party (or home renovation/vacation/foodie adventure) started, sign up now!



  1. Download the Passport Mobile app from your app store or Google Play
  2. Select “Other Sign In Options” and “Sign in with an Activation Code”
  3. Use Activation Code “ambasavers” to access the program
  4. Complete your profile and start saving!


  1. Visit and click “Register Here” for first time users
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Enter code “ambasavers” as your activation code
  4. Complete your profile and start saving!

Not only do you get great savings, but also your AMBA Passport membership is absolutely FREE! We want you to love AMBA Passport and take full advantage of it. If you have any questions about the program or would like assistance locating a specific discount or vendor, please contact Passport at 1-800-410-4211 or  To learn more, call AMBA at 866-979-0497 or visit

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