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Meet the Staff - Sarah Hoeller

April 25, 2022
The Talent Behind the Success of MRTA
MRTA has successfully advocated for Missouri public school teachers and personnel since its inception in 1960. Now, under proactive new leadership, the organization is giving itself an upgrade, reinventing itself with a forward-looking vision to collaborate, grow and strengthen MRTA. A key part of this is the MRTA office team. These dedicated and talented individuals are passionate about their mission and uniquely suited to take the organization into the future.
Let’s Get to Know Each Other.
At MRTA, we always enjoy getting to know our members better. We believe in great membership service. Now, we want you to have the chance to know us better, too.
Over the next few weeks, we will present a series of staff spotlight articles introducing you, our members, to the hardworking team we have at the MRTA office in Jefferson City. This series, The Talent Behind the Success of MRTA, is coming your way by email and on our Facebook Page.
Think of it as a virtual introduction to your dedicated MRTA office team, who work hard for all retired teachers and education personnel. And while we can’t wait to see you in person, in the meantime we hope you enjoy meeting us here!
We kick off the series with Today’s Spotlight: Sarah Hoeller, Assistant Executive Director.
Today’s Staff Spotlight: Sarah Hoeller, MRTA Assistant Director
For almost 15 years, Sarah Hoeller has been using her talents to help ensure Missouri public school teachers and personnel have a secure retirement.
As Assistant Executive Director, Sarah is a key member of the organization’s small but efficient office staff in Jefferson City. When asked, she describes her job as basically whatever it takes to get things done – and she says it with a smile.
The focus of her work, though, is communications. Sarah is in charge of all communications from the MRTA office, including emails, newsletters, and social media updates. Good communication is critical for the organization with such a large membership covering the entire state. Sarah makes sure members stay well-informed about events, opportunities, and potential legislative changes through constant communication.
“Sarah has so much knowledge and history of MRTA,” said Maria Walden, Executive Director. “She has such passion for MRTA’s mission and vision. Her passion is contagious to everyone that works with her.”
She reflected on the days when her work with MRTA began and just how much progress has been made, not only on behalf of the members but in the office itself.
“A thing that was surprising to me when I started working for MRTA was that we were running this huge organization, impacting so many people and getting so much done, and there were only three people on staff working out of a tiny rented office,” Sarah said.
While the office environment at MRTA has changed, it’s a passion for the cause that has been at the root of it from the beginning.
“We have come a very long way since I started working here,” Sarah said. “Now more than ever, I am so excited for all the change that is about to happen for MRTA. Our members already are starting to see the change in our publications, website, and emails.” 
Under the leadership of new Executive Director Maria Walden, Sarah and the rest of the team at the MRTA office are ready to gear up even more. She added, “We get to work with MRTA’s first-ever female executive. We have the opportunity now to move the organization forward.”
For Sarah, it’s personal. “If it wasn’t for my public school and a few really caring teachers, I wouldn’t be the successful person I am today,” she said. "I owe them a huge debt of gratitude, working for them is one small way I can pay them back."
“MRTA provides different things for different people. There’s the whole social aspect of it, keeping them informed and the work we do for public schools,” she said. “But realistically, at the end of the day, literally the most important thing we do is protect their retirement. That’s what we are here for.”
Sarah lives in Fulton with her boyfriend Chuck and four dogs.  In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, gardening, and traveling.   
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