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Stem Cells Could Get to the Root of One of Dental Care’s Greatest Problems

May 24, 2022

Scientists are working on a new solution that could bring another revolution to dentistry and make implants a thing of the past.

Researchers asked a very simple question: why are some species able to reproduce teeth, while humans only get two sets of teeth – our baby and adult teeth. Sharks, for instance, can replace teeth in just a few weeks. Working with that premise, scientists began exploring the possibility of humans regrowing our own teeth. And with stem cells, they’re seeing the solution is very much possible.

What Are Dental Stem Cells?

Stem cells help create all the body’s different organs and systems.

Stem cells can be found in most tissues of the body and help to create and replenish your body. They are usually deeply buried, in difficult-to-find places.

Scientists have found that teeth hold a reservoir of stem cells. Dental stem cells may have applications in many fields of medical science but the obvious application is to replace teeth. Instead of your dentist throwing out a tooth after pulling it, we may soon be able to extract cells that can be used to regrow the tooth.

Stem Cells: More Than Just Replacing Teeth

In tooth decay, stem cells may be able to heal a cavity before a tooth requires more aggressive measures like root canal surgery. Stem cells could even guide the immune system to remove tooth decay-causing bacteria.

Studies are beginning to show tangible possibilities to tooth implantation with dental stem cells. Researchers at Columbia University were able to guide stem cells to create an anatomically complete tooth in about 9 weeks. Now the next challenge is to reproduce this incredible result in humans.

For now, the possibility of regrowing our teeth remains only a dream. Regular dental check-ups and quality care are more and more important the older we get. That’s why MRTA and AMBA offer a Dental Plan that’s right for you. Find out how our plans can help cover everything from routine check-ups to procedures like the cost of extractions, root canals, crowns, and more. Sign up for the plan that’s right for you now at or call 866-979-0497.




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