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Struggling With Your New Year's Resolution? The 'Monday Reset' Can Help You Attain Success

January 30, 2023

If that “New Year, New Me” resolution is proving to be more difficult to achieve than you anticipated, you’re not alone. In 2021, Approximately 67 million American adults made New Year’s resolutions to improve their health. Though the intentions were good, from adopting healthier lifestyles to enjoying life more, 18% already failed by January and 41% were no longer on track with their top resolutions by July.

Why Many New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Many New Year’s resolutions involve changing habits. However all too frequently, many people don’t replace a habit with a new, better habit. To change a habit, we must recognize the motivation that precedes the routine and understand the reward from practicing that routine. 

For example, if your New Year’s resolution was to cut back on drinking, it’s important to understand what motivates the behavior. If a drink is a way for you to decompress after a stressful day and to socialize with others, it’s important to replace the routine with another behavior from that gives you similar benefits.

Also, New Year’s resolutions are frequently vague. Creating a detailed road map to follow with specific goals and break them down into bite-sized pieces can make a world of difference.

The Monday Reset Can Help You Succeed

The Monday Reset encourages people to think of each new week as a kind of mini-New Year’s. Breaking down a single, large New Year’s resolution into regular ‘Healthy Monday Resolutions,’ lets you customize and set specific goals each week of the year.

This increased regular commitment may also help sustain healthy behavior over time. Setting goals every Monday can be inspire constant fresh approaches. Plus, the Monday Reset is designed for you to set smaller, more reasonable goals and check your progress once weekly, instead of yearly with resolutions.

By taking smaller steps toward change, there's an opportunity to celebrate the small wins frequently, which serves as a reward and replaces the reward derived from the undesirable habit.

It’s not too late to re-start the objectives you set for yourself for 2023. For example, if improving your health was among your resolutions, a great first step is by making sure you have all the benefits you need. From Vision and Dental to many other important plans, MRTA and AMBA can help you fill the gaps in your coverage. Request a FREE Benefits Review with an AMBA field agent at or call 866-615-4063 Mon.-Fri 8am-5pm CT.

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