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The AMBA Story: Here To Serve Members Like You

May 25, 2022

Association Member Benefits Advisors, or AMBA, may not be a name you’re familiar with yet, but may play an important role in your life already. AMBA's services and benefits have been helping association members like you for over 65 years.

AMBA discovered its mission when realizing hard-working educators lose many essential benefits when they retire and wanted to make sure retirees had access to high-quality coverage. AMBA quickly expanded to also assist other dedicated, hard-working public employees, including:

  • State retirees
  • Active principals
  • Military
  • Trade professionals
  • Firefighters and law enforcement
  • Alumni groups
  • Allied Healthcare
  • State-based professional occupations groups
  • Nurses associations
  • and other non-profit associations

AMBA's Benefits

Today, AMBA partners with associations across all 50 states and Canada. Meeting the unique needs of each member of all of their association partners requires a full array of benefits.

One of the most popular offerings is AMBA Passport. This is an amazing service offered absolutely FREE to association members like you. It’s no wonder why this program is a favorite perk among members with exclusive discounts of up to 65%! This includes big savings on travel, hotels, dining, shopping, professional services, electronics, car rentals, and more!

AMBA also makes sure association members like you stay informed of the latest news with emails, articles, and more. AMBA agents also attend charter meetings and membership drives. It's a simple formula: The more involved AMBA gets, the more members your association has - and with more members comes more strength.

AMBA is now one of the largest association and supplemental benefits providers in the country. But no matter its size, AMBA knows how important it is to make sure each and every member of all of their association partners get the service and benefits they deserve.

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