How Vision Loss Affects the Brain

New studies indicate that when an older person’s brain has to work harder to see, declines in language, memory, attention and more could follow. The human body doesn’t function in silos. It works as an integrated whole. If one part of the body has extra stress put on it, it can affect other areas. As one researcher concluded, “Vision impairment can lead to cognitive...
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How Age Affects Your Vision on the Road

Healthy vision can be the difference between safe driving and getting into an accident. Because eyesight goes through changes as we age, maintaining the health of your eyes is important. About 90% of the Info Drivers Process Comes Through the Eyes It's a misconception that older drivers are unsafe drivers. One report determined older drivers don’t necessarily put others at...
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What you need to do next - PSRS/PEERS Data Security Incident Information

PSRS/PEERS Data Security Incident Dear MRTA Members:   This message is brought to you, in part, by the MRTA Informative and Protective Services Committee and Committee Chair Linda Lueckenhoff. October is Cybersecurity Month - learn how to protect yourself.   Those of you affected by the PSRS/PEERS data security incident have...
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PSRS/PEERS Data Security Incident

Dear MRTA Members:   MRTA Assistant Director Sarah Hoeller met with the Public School and Education Retirement Systems of Missouri (PSRS/PEERS) yesterday. PSRS/PEERS Executive Director Derald Snider reported the system had experienced a data security incident on September 11, 2021. The incident occurred as a result of an employee’s email account being accessed by...
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