HB 864 – Most Dangerous Bill in 27 Years A Warning from Director Kreider

In Director Kreider’s 27 years of experience and involvement with the Missouri legislature, he has not seen legislation as dangerous as this to our pension benefits and pension system to-date. UPDATE: HB 864 was not EVEN assigned to a committee! Thanks to YOU we have SQUASHED this legislation. Please stay tuned as the target will still be on us in 2020. Dear MRTA: HB 864 is a...
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HB 864 -A Warning From Director Kreider

UPDATE: HB 864 has not been assigned to a committee as of today. SO far we have put the “brakes” on this legislation. Please stay tuned as the target is on us. HB 864 is a bill targeting educator pensions. Creating an “OPTION for all educators to get into a 401(k) plan. This is targeted to NEW HIRES. This is Sinquefield/Show Me Institute model...
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