All The Right Friends: MRTA Has Your Back

Did you know there’s a group of people with a similar background to you who are eager to have you join them (if you haven’t already)?  When you join MRTA, you join a group of peers who are looking forward as much as you are to enjoying events together. Whether you’re an active worker or retired, whether your membership has lapsed or you’re considering joining...
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A Revolution You Can Hear: Amazing Innovations in Hearing Aids

Kelly used to think having to wear her hearing aid was a nuisance. For starters, she was always frustrated with the sound quality and she never liked the way the device looked in her ear. “To be honest, I always felt self-conscious wearing my hearing aid. I always felt other people would saw it, and think, ‘She’s hard of hearing’.” Kelly was always the first...
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Playing the Long Game: Why Right Now is the Right Time to Get A Long-Term Care Policy

When it comes to buying homeowners or car insurance, many of us don’t hesitate. But if you think about it, the odds of needing nursing home care at some point may be higher than losing your house to fire or totaling your car. There are two main reasons why people put off buying a Long-Term Care policy. One, who wants to think of themselves as becoming dependent on others or...
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Are You Prepared If Your Hiking Vacation Becomes A Helicopter Rescue?

In March of 2020, Margaret was looking forward to visiting friends in Arizona. They were going to meet up in Phoenix and drive north to hike the Grand Canyon. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the trip was delayed. The team finally met up last month. Unfortunately, another setback occurred, but this time on the trail. The group started their hike on the Widforss Trail around 9am. Three...
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