What the Helicopter?! Protect Yourself from the Sky-High Cost of Emergency Transportation.

Learning about the importance of getting an emergency medical transport membership might seem boring and filled with difficult-to-understand language. That’s why we created this fun video to explain everything you need to know about Medical Air Services Association or MASA. It discusses everything from: Why you should get it (did you know Medicare doesn’t provide full...
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Giving Your Family Peace of Mind Doesn’t Need To Be A Headache: Life Insurance On Your Terms

When Stew decided to shop for a life insurance policy, he had good reason to be confident he’d find something relatively easily. “My criteria was simple: I wanted a policy that had reasonable premiums and that can’t cancel me for any reason as long as the premium is paid.” He had no underlying health issues, his doctor was always pleased with his annual checkups, and,...
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June E-Newsletter

  June E-Newsletter Posted on June 24, 2020  
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Public Educator Pensions Build Strong Missouri Communities

Click to view larger Dear Supporters of Public Education: For the past several years MRTA has been very successful in defending the PSRS/PEERS system in the legislature.  The threats to your pension are real.   The Show-Me Institute spends millions of dollars misleading the public and legislators each year.  If the Show-Me...
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