Let’s Hike! But Bake Our Granola Bar Recipe First.

With the warmer weather finally arriving, it’s time for you and the gang to break out the spring hiking gear! And along with the right shoes and packs, having the snacks that will keep you and the gang going and have lots of amazing savory flavor is all-important. That's where our Base Camp Granola Bar recipe comes in. Our fruity and nutty bars are under 120 calories and have zero...
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Update on HB 2825

MRTA Executive Director Maria Walden recently spoke to Representative O'Donnell who made it clear it was not his intention to impact the teachers’ retirement plan, PSRS/PEERS, in HB 2825 (Pension Plans In-state Investing). He assured her that he will amend the legislation when it is heard in committee to remove PSRS/PEERS from being impacted. We want to thank Representative O'Donnell for...
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Call to Action - MRTA Opposes HB 2825

The information below is now outdated click here to see the latest information. HB 2825 (Representative O'Donnell Dist. 95) was introduced this week. This legislation will be harmful to PSRS/PEERS of Missouri. It would diminish and impair the PSRS/PEERS Board of Trustees’ full authority for directing the Systems’ investment program. Below are MRTA's issues with this mandate...
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Listening With Care: All About World Hearing Day

World Hearing Day was created because the number of people living with or at risk of hearing loss is increasing. It doesn’t need to be so. The importance of maintaining the health of our hearing throughout our life cannot be underestimated. World Hearing Day helps educate the public that it is possible to maintain good hearing throughout your entire life with ear and hearing care....
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