Call to Action 2016 - 4

Support of H.R. 711 - 
The Equal Treatment of Public Servants Act 


Dear MRTA Members:
REPORT: The full repeal or reform of the WEP (Windfall Elimination Provision) and GPO (Governmental Pension Offset) provisions of Social Security have been the #1 Federal Issue for MRTA years before I became your Executive Director 13 years ago. CLICK HERE FOR 2016 MRTA LEGISLATIVE PLATFORM.  I have been to Washington, D.C. at least twice a year each of those 13 years working to get changes to these offsets that are so very unfair to Missouri Education Retirees. I am pleased to announce that a compromise bill, H.R. 711 (Brady - TX) is poised to move through the process and we have gained a valuable asset and ally - AARP.  SEE AARP LETTER OF SUPPORT CLICK HERE. AARP has been neutral on this issue in the past. We welcome their national support.  Click here to see the letter supporting H.R.711 from a coalition of states nationwide of which MRTA is a partner.
CALL TO ACTION: Please write your US House member asking for their support of H.R.711. Click here for contact information of US House members. Please note - you must submit your letter through your Representative's website. Go to to find who your Congressperson is if not known.
Dear Congressman/Congresswoman XXXX
I am a taxpayer, voter, and member of MRTA in your district. I respectfully request your full and active support of H.R. 711 sponsored by Congressman Brady of Texas. H.R. 711 is a compromise bill allowing the WEP offset provision of Social Security to be more fair to retired educators and provide a workable solution to this long-time problem. MRTA and I would like to see a full repeal of WEP but realize a compromise is in order due to financial constraints. I would like to mention that hopefully soon, we can repeal or reform the GPO provisions of Social Security dealing with widow and widower benefits. The GPO is so very unfair and burdensome for retired educators in Missouri.
THANK YOU for your time, support, and attention to this request. Help us put H.R.711 into law. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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