May 3, 2013 Archive

Dear MRTA Members:
THERE HAS BEEN NO MOVEMENT ON SENATOR LAMPING'S BILLS (SB 221, SB475, SB476, and SB 477)!  Click here.  It is our hope that the 29,998 petition MRTA presented has worked.  Session ends at 6:00 p.m., Friday, May 17.


The House did not debate HCS/SS/SCS/SB 125 (Jamilah Nasheed) this week, presumably because the House handler, Rep. Jay Barnes, felt the bill currently did not have enough votes for passage and he will seek to garner more votes before next week. 

The HCS for SB 125 includes several additional provisions, including teacher evaluation mandates and layoff provisions from HB 631 (Kevin Elmer).  HB 631 was defeated recently on the House floor.  Click here for vote.  MRTA opposes the HCS version of SB 125.

SB 125 also revises St. Louis City's specific tenure and renewal laws to more closely resemble the teacher tenure law applicable to all other school districts. 

If you have not done so yet, please contact your State Representative.

Suggested verbiage:

Dear Representative XXXXXX:

As a voter, taxpayer, and MRTA member living in your district, I ask you to vote NO on HCS SB 125. This legislation is much like HB 631(Kevin Elmer). The HCS for SB 125 includes several additional provisions, including the teacher evaluation mandates and layoff provisions from HB 631 that was defeated on the House floor April 14, 2013 - Vote 102 to 55.  These provisions are not needed and local control is best.  I look forward to your response.


Name- address- phone number 


The Senate Financial & Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee heard HB 808 (Doug Funderburk) on April 29 and approved the bill on May 2. The bill removes the sunset on the ABCTE teaching certificate mandate. The bill also includes the provisions of HB 313 (Mike Thomson).  That portion of the bill would permanently extend the 25-and-Out option for PSRS and PEERS and the 2.55 percent benefit factor for 31 or more years of service for PSRS.  Both provisions will expire at the end of this school year if the legislature does not renew them.  MRTA supports permanent extension of these school retirement options.  They are revenue neutral to the PSRS/PEERS system if made permanent.  Both provisions are good for Missouri public school children because they help keep the best teachers in the classroom. 

Please contact your State Senator and ask that the Senate take up HB 808 as amended and vote YES for passage.

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