Call to action 2016 - 5

Senator Nasheed's E- mail address is . Please forward this email to any retirees you have in your address book!!  Please do this today. 
Dear Saint Louis MRTA
Last Thursday Senator Nasheed introduced SB 1146 that allows a COLA the same as outstate retirees. This bill mirrors HB 2550 from Representative Burns. THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!! This has happened because Local 420 President Mary Armstrong and Local 420 lobbyist Luanna Gifford joined forces with MRTA an myself on your behalf. THANK YOU Local 420!!!!!  We need at least 100 notes of THANKS!!! 1,000 would be better!
Please e-mail Senator Nasheed. NOTE below. Or say what you would like.
Dear Senator Nasheed
I am a voter, taxpayer, and retired educator from Saint Louis. Thank you so very much for introducing SB 1146 on our behalf. The Saint Louis City Retirees have not had a cost of living adjustment in now over 10 years. This is making life in retirement very difficult in making ends meet. I sincerely thank you for your support. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of service to you. 
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