Peace of Mind Doesn’t Need to Be a Headache: AMBA Makes Getting Life Insurance Easy

AMBA understands the challenges you face when it comes to life insurance. AMBA knows that many people like you need help obtaining a policy. That's why AMBA's mission is to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. People have various reasons for wanting life insurance. Some want the protections to cover their eventual final expenses. Others want it to help settle estate...
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Why Emergency Medical Transportation Can Be So Expensive and How You Can Protect Yourself

People who have needed an ambulance frequently ask the same question when they receive the bill: “How is the cost of the ambulance so expensive?” Why should a short ride to a nearby hospital cost significantly more than an Uber ride? The reason is simple: an Uber ride only needs to get a passenger to their location. On the other hand, an ambulance ride is designed to provide vital...
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Why Excessive Screen Time Can Affect Your Vision

How much time do you spend each day looking at a digital screen? You might be surprised by how much time is spent looking at a computer screen, television, phone, or tablet. What might also surprise you is how far we exceed the recommended hours. AMBA is here to provide the information you need and help you care for your eyes and overall health. Why Excessive Screen Time Can Affect...
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AMBA brings smiles and joy to isolated and lonely older people.

AMBA Call Center team members recently gathered in a conference room for a unique get-together. Normally, AMBA Call Center representatives are busy helping people sign up for important insurance benefits. On this occasion, however, the civic-minded AMBA team met up to do something just as valuable: to volunteer in a letter-writing drive for a non-profit called Letters Against Isolation....
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