Watch Out! New Bank Scams on the Rise.

You may be familiar with the news of some recent bank failures. As a result of these events, many financial institutions and online retailers, banks, and credit card companies are requesting customers update their banking and account information. Unfortunately, scammers are using this opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting customers and trying to trick people into believing...
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Four Great Travel Tips for Older Americans

Travel can fill the soul and widen your horizons, but it also has many challenges. Particularly for older people and those with mobility or health issues, navigating multi-city and round-the-world (RTW) travel can be tricky. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are four tips for staying comfortable - and healthy! – during multi-stop and long-haul flights, no matter what your age:...
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Looking to Capture Special Moments? Then Capture Great Deals on Cameras and Gear with AMBA Discounts

With the summer approaching, get-togethers, road trips, or vacations with friends and loved ones might be on your mind. Capturing and saving these special moments is essential. Why Choose a Dedicated Camera And while smartphones are equipped with powerful cameras, the sensors in dedicated cameras are much larger. That means they can let in a lot more light and produce better photos,...
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Take It Easier: Chronic Stress Could Cause a Heart Attack

Sometimes stress can be useful. Short-lived stress can help you accomplish a task and stay focused and has been proven to help with memory retention. But chronic stress - whether caused by emotional issues, personal troubles, financial difficulties, or family discord - is a different story. It can affect overall well-being and could even impact heart health. Infographic:...
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