About MRTA

Missouri Retired Teachers Association (MRTA) is comprised of over 30,000 retired educators whose purpose is to promote the professional, social, and economic welfare of all retired school employees. Our goal is twofold – to protect pensions for our public school teachers and educational staff, and to support Missouri public schools. Over the past 60 years, MRTA has been instrumental in its efforts to protect the retirement security of over 100,000 Missouri public school retirees and educational professionals.

 MRTA supports our teachers, our local school districts, and our communities. We work to preserve and protect our public school teachers' and educational employees' hard-earned pension benefits. But because both political and economic forces can have negative impacts on the future of those pensions, MRTA continues to advocate legislatively for retired teachers and educational professionals. The pensions received by public school employees are well-deserved and must be protected.

The Missouri Retired Teachers Association -  Foundation (MRTF) provides grants to active, Missouri public school teachers and education employees. In 2021, we provided over 122 grants to public school employees in 14 regions of Missouri. Since 2011, the Association’s Foundation has awarded $455,500 in scholarships and grants to current Missouri public school employees to help them do their outstanding work


Membership shall be open to retired teachers of public, private and parochial schools, administrators, supervisors, retired school employees, non-certificated personnel who have worked in educational programs, governesses and tutors. Spouses of members, active teachers and others interested in education may become associate members without the right to vote, hold office or represent the Association.


Dues for active, associate and life members shall be determined by the Assembly of Delegates upon the recommendation of the Executive Board. The fiscal year for MRTA begins January 1 and ends December 31. Renewals of membership are due upon receipt of notice in October of every year.  New members paying dues after May 1 may regard their dues paid through the next calendar fiscal year.

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