MRTA Legislative Day

Join Us for MRTA Legislative Day

Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Time: 10:30 am

Location: 1st Floor Rotunda - Missouri State Capitol

Why Attend?

Your presence is crucial! Join us in advocating for our pensions and public education by attending MRTA Legislative Day and visiting your legislators. Your voice is a powerful statement in safeguarding the future of Missouri's public education and our pensions. Stand with us to protect the interests of our students, school employees, and retirees, as we work towards securing the strength of Missouri's education retirement systems. Your attendance on MRTA Legislative Day is not just a personal commitment; it is a collective effort to shape policies that impact us all. We believe that your active participation will make a meaningful difference, and we look forward to standing together on February 13th.

Important Notes:

•   Please allocate ample time for parking and Capitol entry.

•  The security check may take 5 to 30 minutes, similar to airport security.

•  Dress appropriately and leave nonessential items in your car trunk.

•  Identification is NOT required.


Kindly RSVP by calling toll-free 1-877-366-6782. Your response ensures we have enough materials for everyone attending. For the first 250 who register, you will receive a FREE long sleeve MRTA t-shirt.

By joining us on Legislative Day, you contribute to a collective effort that resonates with policymakers. Your presence adds strength to our cause, demonstrating the unity and commitment of MRTA members. This event serves as a platform for direct engagement with senators and representatives who play pivotal roles in shaping policies that affect our profession and retirement benefits.

Wear RED:

Make a visual impact! Remember to wear red and show solidarity.

Unable to Attend?

You can still actively take part in Legislative Day by writing your legislators! MRTA will send a Call-to-Action email (and text to those signed up for Phone2Action) on February 13th. We urge you to act as soon as you receive the email. MRTA will provide a pre-drafted message for you to send to your legislators. All you have to do is add your information, add a personal touch, and hit send!

Thank you for your commitment to advocacy and your prompt attention in making your voice heard on Legislative Day! to this matter. Together, we can ensure a bright future for our students and public education in Missouri.

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