Ask your State Representative to Oppose the Expansion of Charter Schools in Missouri - HCS/HB 634 Today!

Dear MRTA:
The House Rules Committee approved the HCS/HB 634 (Roeber) on March 1 by a largely party-line vote of 8-4.  The Rules Committee vote clears the way for the bill to be taken up for debate by the House as early as next week.
The original bill would expand charter schools to operate in any district in the state.  The HCS slightly limits the expansion to all first class and charter counties, which currently include 70% of the state's population. The Association opposes expansion of charter schools as they take scarce tax dollars from local public schools and have no accountability in the use of those tax dollars.  Click here for detailed information regarding Charter school expansion - HCS/HB 634 (Roeber R-34).
Please write your state representative as soon as possible asking them to oppose HCS/HB 634. 
Copy and paste this suggested verbiage into an email or write your own personal message: 
Dear Representative XXXX:
I am a taxpayer and voter in your district.  I am a retired educator and member of MRTA.  There is an important issue I would like you to oppose and that is HCS/HB 634 (Roeber R-34).  This bill expands charter schools to first class counties and would affect over 70% of Missouri's population and will drain scarce state revenues from our local public schools.  The vast majority of our public schools in Missouri do an excellent job and charter schools are not needed.  
Thank you for your willingness to serve our state.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can answer any questions.  I wish you the very best.
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