Call to Action - House Vote Tomorrow/Thursday Charter School Expansion

Dear MRTA:
The message below was sent to you on February 27th.  The house will be voting tomorrow on HCS/HB 581(Roeber R Dist. 34).  Please write your State Representative TODAY!  Feel free to write again even if you have already done so! 
This is a Call to Action to write your Representative this week.  HCS/HB 581 (Roeber R Dist. - 34), is on the House Calendar for debate and a vote.    
MRTA's 2019 Legislative Platform (click here) opposes the expansion of Charter Schools. MRTA feels they are not needed as Missouri has an outstanding public school system and that it takes scarce tax dollars away from public school funding and the Foundation Formula.  
Suggested language below.  Feel free to use your own words, personal notes are better.  Contact information for your Senator and Representative can be found below in the Legislator Lookup button or by clicking here.
Dear Representative XXXX:
I am a voter and taxpayer in your district and a member of MRTA. I ask you to vote no on HCS/HB 581 (Roeber) Charter School Expansion.  
The expansion of Charter Schools is not necessary as we have an excellent public school system in Missouri and the best educators in the nation.  Charter School Expansion will take scarce tax revenue away from public school funding and the Foundation Formula.  
I ask you to vote NO on HCS/HB 581. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I look forward to your response.
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