Dear MRTA Members: 
Thanks to your hard work and persistence HB 304 - (Divorce Reform) and HB 305 (Kelly Services Loophole Closure) were  amended to CCS/HCS/SS/SB 62 and are now on the Governor's desk for signature. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! These are great bills for retirees and for the health of the PSRS/PEERS system. 
The current Foundation Formula was fully funded by the House and Senate and it also awaits a signature from the Governor!  
Several negative pieces of legislation to retirement systems and public education were killed due to your involvement and persistence. SB 313 - Vouchers was killed in the House. HB 634 - Charters was killed in the Senate. BELOW is our 2017 MRTA  Issues of Importance End of Session Report.
THANK YOU t o all the MRTA members who answered the MRTA "Call To Action" emails. 
THANK YOU  t o all those who attended "MRTA Day at the Capitol" after we had to cancel our HUGE Legislative Day due to the logistics of getting our crowd through the enhanced security on February 15th. 
THANK YOU  t o all those who participated in MRTA Blitz Day, also on February 15th, by contacting elected officials by e-mail and phone on MRTA's Issues of Importance. 
THANK YOU  t o all those Units who developed relationships with elected officials at their Unit Meetings. 
THANK YOU  t o all that have joined MRTA and pay their dues and support our efforts.
YOU ALL ARE DA BEST! AND "Obviously a powerful group" You have shown that there truly is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! 
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